The Martian agrees to lead you to the secret parlor. You will be meeting your contact soon. Across the dance floor, a mutant catches your eye. Her beverage-mutate from some remote outpost beyond the southern wastes, her hair immaculate and her steps well chosen. For the moment, your contact can wait...
  Xander Harris, codenamed Justin Phillip Sweatt, is all business in establishing an atmosphere of interplanetary exploration sometimes leading into total lurker territory. Full up with hard, don't get old bass lines and high end melodies that he isn't afraid to combine and test on one another with playful abandon. All of this is held together with abundant and smooth drum pulses that are varied enough at times to sound like lead instruments. As the sweat drips from your brow, with your eyes firmly locked together you feel her third arm slide across your back and pull you closer.
  The Crow, AKA Arian Jalali (joined by special guest collaborator Sean Pierce Sumler), close off this hard groove of a split. Due to diminishing rations of oxygen, many have retired to their cryo-pods, but you cannot stop now. Your vision fades with the flash of the neon lights, leaving the name of the club burned into your memory: TECH NOIR. You think to yourself that you would like to return soon even though it's evident that you're not going anywhere for the next three cycles. A sound pulls you back to awareness. With every kick drum the tension grows. The vocals serve as ample topping to his seedy, Martian night style synth lines. As you watch your new partners lips begin to form a mischievous smile, you hear her whispering intoxicating and unspeakable seductions to you telepathically. The final realm on his side, Dreams Never End, is the ultimate school's-out-at-Mars'-High-and-you've-got-a-date-with-the-new-Mutant-in-the-colony anthem.
  100 professionally duplicated/imprinted white tapes with full color jcard, color insert and mp3D for $4.20. Cover/tape imprinting design by Tony Remple.
  Official video by Rebecca Carlisle-Healy for the Xander Harris track "Goon Cult". RGB by RCH. ®©H/CGIFRIDAY 2013.

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