Gem Jones unleashes a fresh set of liquid groove on 'Symphony in P'. Music that is polished and on point in its composition, but with enough thrash and imperfection to still feel human in its execution. The jams modulate themselves well, tastefully accomplishing the task of never wearing out the vibe honing riffs and vocal melodies. Never a wasted guitar solo and never a blown synth tone, nothing but the crucial sleaze needed to accomplish the uproarious, but well maintained, and respectable party atmosphere that will never get too sloppy, but will still freak out any and all narcs. It's ultimately about love, but ultimately about respect too. Recorded straight to 4 track in late 2010 in Iowa City all by his lonesome. Gem Jones claims responsibility for the cover art. Imprinting design by the Enterprise. Professionally duplicated and imprinted on white tapes with a free mp3-D code included.

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