100 Pro Dubbed Cassettes.
First 23 come with a free bag of Doritos Chips!

Part 1
Hyperaware of infinite hyper dimensions not corresponding to orthodox ideas of time space.
Green alien mind sucking psychedelic fruit in a garden of levitating fronds.
See spirit ooze of Grey autopsied run from your ear as you sleep, crawl into vents and rattle beneath the sink as your mother cooks.
Picture of floating craft above Midwest farm house, the crops beginning to melt, children beginning to scream.
Part 2
Psychedelic forest of fake plants, shimmering in weird iridescent light. King Grey levitates playing recorder over synthetic forest, proceeds to Hidden Adobe in mall zone, deep subconscious drone emanates into minds of beings around, no one sees King Grey, but all subconscious present in zone affected by deep drone image, unseen. Adobe Mall Zone littered with cans of Throwback, discarded Hot Dog buns, Bart Simpson religious icons, Poster of hi-def sea plant life, two different Loop Pedals. King Grey loads sneak-a-toke with Heady-Mars-X-Tro-Nug, lights using mind, inhales, sees the valley of the forest of the drone. Transcending time, King Grey readies the eternal cruiser, recorder in hand, played using mind, heads to fourth meal zone…

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